"A must read for anyone working at a small business. Cybersecurity and cybercrime are big problems facing every business today, yet they are often ignored. Fred does a great job explaining what the issues are and how to address them."

Art Gross,
HIPAA Secure Now!

"With many years of experience in the field of information technology, Fred has provided his readers with a very informative, practical guide to running a business in a world faced with countless technological challenges. This book offers many examples of the threats faced by small business owners every day along with clear and concise strategies for keeping critical data secure. Written for the non-techy business professional, this book requires a minimal investment in time but provides an astonishing amount of insight that would be appreciated by even the most seasoned IT professional."

Gary Habel,
DIS Technologies

This practical survival guide helps you to identify your vulnerabilities, strategically help prevent attacks, limit data theft and potential liability, and minimize the impact of unexpected events. An easy to read, plain English outline to help you get your business more resilient and able to resist the threats that come over the Internet. Clearly explained, it walks you through many of the steps necessary to document your Business Continuity Plan and prepares you for what you may or may not have anticipated.

In general, most people are not prepared for a major interruption in their business. This guide not only gives you the steps, but provides you with some documentation as a soup starter and describes factors that you might have overlooked. A quick read and highly recommended, this guide gets you started, presents its concepts in a non-techy manner and speaks to the business person and entrepreneur in terms that are readily understood. Definitely required reading for all small business owners.

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